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As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), we want to make sure you are well-informed.

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Declutter Your Home With Self Storage

After what’s been an unexpectedly long time spent staying at home, most of us are probably thinking it’s time for a clear out, but what’s the best way to declutter your house? Well, at Burlington Storage Barn we’re pretty good at organizing and saving space, so we have some great tips!

Our Guide To Decluttering Your Home With Self Storage!

Even though it may seem tempting to try to do everything in a day, it’s usually a much better idea to take things room by room. This way you’ll be able to keep track of what you are clearing, and give yourself a tidy room to escape to if you need a break! A good tip is to completely finish one room before you move on to the next. When you’re decluttering we’d recommend sorting everything into five categories:

  1. Keep:Clean and put aside everything you’ll want to be keeping in a safe space so that it doesn’t get mixed up with items you might be getting rid of.
  2. Throw Away:Designate a clear place for anything you want to go straight to the trash or recycling so that it doesn’t get mixed up with the rest of your things.
  3. Fix/Repair:Set aside a box of things that you need to give a bit of attention to, like a coat you love but need to stitch some buttons on to.
  4. Donate:If you have any household items you no longer need but someone else could really use, put together a donation box ready to take to a local charity.
  5. Store:Any items you don’t want to get rid of, but don’t have space to keep are perfect candidates for storage. This could be anything from furniture you don’t want to part with but don’t have space for, seasonal leisure equipment like kayaks and camping gear, winter clothes, or generally any items you want to keep but don’t have the room for.

Now you’re ready with a plan, here’s our room by room guide to decluttering and clearing out your home in time for summer!


The kitchen is always a great place to start as it can be quite difficult to keep free of mess and clutter. Start by emptying out larger storage areas like your pantry and any cabinets you tend not to use as much. Then move on to the more used cabinets and then your worktops. Sort everything into one of the five categories we’ve mentioned above. Are there food items that are still good but you’re not going to use? Donate them to a foodbank. Out of date produce sitting at the back of your pantry? You’ll want to get rid of that! Is there any china, cookware or tableware you never use, but can’t bear to give away? Items like these are the perfect candidate for self storage, make sure you safely wrap them up and set aside before you put everything back.

Living Room

As it is generally the focal point of all activity in the house, the living room can be a real challenge to keep tidy! This is why it’s a great idea to tackle it early, plus, you’ll be needing a nice relaxing space to chill out after a hard day's work! Start with any surfaces around the edge of the room and move inwards. When you empty your bookcases, clear your coffee table and any cabinets you have, think; am I using this? If the answer is no, then make sure you sort it into one of the five categories we mentioned earlier. Remember, the key to successfully decluttering is being as honest and practical about what you want in your home as you can be.


It’s so easy to forget exactly what you’ve got in your bathroom! Start by emptying any bathroom cabinets and get rid of any out of date makeup or medicine. Then do the same with items around your bath/shower, under the sink and on any shelves. Put the items you’re most likely to use at the front of any cabinets, preferably at eye level. It shouldn't take too long to sort items in your bathroom into the five categories, and you can clean up everything else and put it back in a suitable spot.


The easiest way to start clearing your bedroom is by tidying any laundry you have out of the way and into a laundry basket, then make your bed. Now that you don’t have any dirty clothes around the room or an unmade bed to look at you’ll be able to concentrate on getting to that clutter. Start with anywhere random items are likely to build up like bedside cabinets or the top of chests of drawers. Tidy away any books you’re finished reading, look for anything you no longer use that is just gathering dust and decide if you’re going to; keep, throw away, recycle, fix, donate, or store. Go through your drawers and find any clothing you might want to donate. A good rule for this is: if you’ve not worn it in over six months, you’re probably not going to miss it.


There are so many ways to organize and declutter a closet, and it can seem like a daunting task. The key is to keep things simple, start by pulling out anything that shouldn’t be there. At this time of year, it’s probably a good idea to take out any winter coats and boots that are taking up space on your rail or shoe rack and pack them away for the season. The same applies for any seasonal items that are taking up space, whether it’s that Christmas sweater or Halloween accessory that’ll be sitting there without being used for a while. Next, find anything that is in need of cleaning or repair and set it aside. Now you should be able to work through everything else in your closet bit by bit. Do this by grouping things together so you’re sorting all your jeans or shirts or sweaters at the same time. This will make it far easier to spot anything you don’t want to be hanging on to!

Safely Storing Your Things

Once you’ve finished all of your rooms it’s time to relax and probably enjoy a well earned rest! Then, you’ll want to start thinking about places to donate your unwanted things, and where to get any of your broken or damaged items repaired. You’re also going to need to think about what you’re going to do with all of that stuff you want to keep but don’t have any space for! This is where a storage unit comes in handy. You can safely store any of your household items in a secure, climate controlled unit. At Burlington Storage Barn we have storage units to fit every kind of need, we can even help you out with boxes, bubble wrap and other moving supplies that are great for storage if you have delicate items. Take a look at our storage unit size guide for an idea of what you can fit in a particular unit. Ready to take the step and pack away that clutter from your home? Reserve your storage unit right now online.

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Safe Kayak Storage With Self Storage
Safe Kayak Storage With Self Storage | Burlington Storage Barn

Summers in Ontario are spectacular and offer an almost endless range of activities. With a seemingly endless number of lakes and rivers in the province, kayaking is high on the list of popular activities to enjoy in the season. Any paddle enthusiast will tell you that this can take up a fair amount of space, especially when you need to put it away for winter. Don’t let this put you off if you are considering purchasing a kayak, because there are plenty of options to easily store it away for the winter!

Kayak Storage, A Problem Solved With Self Storage!

Using a climate controlled self storage unit to store your kayak is the best way to keep it protected and in the best possible shape over the winter. As possibly one of the largest items to store for the winter, a kayak needs to be stored carefully. It is preferable to store them indoors, otherwise there is a risk of the fibreglass cracking with repeated freezing and thawing. Doing this also avoids any other problems that can be associated with outdoor storage such as theft, UV damage, unwanted animal visitors, and more.

Picking the right unit:

Self storage units come in all shapes and sizes, which is fortunate because kayaks and canoes also come in a variety of sizes. For smaller models like river kayaks you won’t need the largest storage unit. Something a little bigger like a canoe or sea kayak will need a larger unit, a 10x10 or larger in this case would be the best option. If you’re looking to stow away an inflatable kayak for the winter and don’t quite have enough space at home you’ll only need the smallest unit. If you’re looking for an extra touch of convenience you could consider a drive up unit. This means you’ll always be able to drive right up to your unit to load and unload without having to worry about stairs or elevators. Learn about the different unit sizes you can make use of at Burlington Storage Barn here.

Preparing your kayak or canoe for storage:

Follow some simple steps to make sure that your kayak or canoe is in the best condition for storage;

  1. Hand wash your kayak or canoe with warm soapy water.
  2. Rinse it off with a hose to clean off any excess soap.
  3. Make sure it is completely dry.

Safe Kayak or Canoe Storage:

Once you’ve picked out your unit and are ready to store your craft, you need to think about how you’re planning to store it in the unit. It’s never recommended to leave a canoe or kayak on the flat on the floor as it will damage the bottom over time. Instead, try one of these storage unit friendly methods for keeping it safe:

  1. Use a freestanding storage rack:There are a number of racks available that will safely store your kayak which don’t require any installation, this means they’ll easily work with your storage unit.
  2. Make One Yourself:Use a couple of wooden planks up against a wall of the unit to securely lean your kayak at an angle. Using this method you’ll need to turn it every month or so to keep the weight evenly distributed.
  3. Adapt your car rack:As you probably already have a car rack for transporting your kayak, you can make the most of it by adapting it for longer term storage. Most can be placed on the ground to be used for winter kayak storage.

Storage units at Burlington Storage Barn come in a variety of shapes and sizes, meaning that there’s plenty of space no matter the type of kayak you’re looking to store. You can choose a drive up unit for easier loading and unloading, and best of all you don’t have to sign a long term contract meaning you can enjoy safe kayak storage for as long or short a time as you like. Find our unit rates here.

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Self-Storage in a Time of Crisis

We’re all currently living through unprecedented times. The Coronavirus Pandemic has certainly changed how we navigate through our daily lives. However, even though this situation can be quite unnerving and overwhelming, we aren’t completely in the dark. We know there are steps we can take to protect ourselves and those who represent the most vulnerable in our society. The most effective method for preventing contraction of the virus is to practice a high standard of personal hygiene and adhering to self-isolation, quarantining and physical distancing procedures.

Since we are being strongly encouraged to stay at home and minimize unnecessary social interactions, our living spaces have suddenly become all the more important and present in our day to day lives. It can become somewhat mentally straining to shelter-in-place. However, there are things each of us can do to optimize our spaces so they are conducive to a healthy existence (physically, mentally and emotionally).

Below, we have provided several ways that you can draw on a self-storage unit to help you make your living spaces exactly what you need them to be to support your isolation efforts over the next weeks or months.

Working Remotely

One of the ways many of our lives have changed for the foreseeable future is that we are being asked to work from home. In an effort to reduce the spread of the virus, remote working has been implemented in many organizations across the country and world. Some people may be familiar and comfortable with working at home in a productive manner. However, for many, this is new territory. There will, of course, be more distractions at home than in your office. But there are many things you can do to set yourself up for success and to continue contributing in a meaningful way to your organization. One of the main things you should do when attempting to work from home is to establish a room or area that will be your designated workspace. Accomplishing this may require the removal of certain pieces of furniture, so you can create an uncluttered space where you can truly focus on the work at-hand. Temporarily shifting a room around is no trouble when you have a self-storage unit available to you. Simply offload those items you don’t need at the moment into your storage space, and voila – you’ve got your own home office.

Spring Cleaning Progress

This isolation period has left most of us with a lot of extra time on our hands – making it the perfect opportunity to do that spring cleaning you’ve been meaning to get around to. Whether it’s a cluttered garage or shed, or just seasonal decorations or furniture that needs to be stored, make use of your self-storage unit. One of the worst subconscious and psychological impacts you can inflict upon yourself is to allow your living spaces to be encumbered with disarray. The more open and free-flowing we can make our spaces, the better we will feel. Anything you can do to make yourself more comfortable during this time, do it.

At-Home Gym

With the gyms now shutdown, it can become a bit of a downer when it comes to your exercise routine. However, you can’t let this roadblock stop you on your path to self-improvement and living a healthy lifestyle. One of the worst things you can do is allow yourself to become sedentary. You need to keep up your regimen and keep moving during this quarantine. Sticking to your healthy routine will empower a positive mindset. So, how do you stay active when restricted to your home? For those with a proper home gym, it’s pretty simple. However, I think it’s safe to say many of us do not have that. Fortunately, there’s a lot you can do with just a cleared space, your body, a mat and some household items. There are a million video tutorials online that can give you pointers on how to do cardio and weight training, all in the comfort of your own home – with little to no proper equipment. The other part of the equation is just designating an area for yourself. Just like your workspace, you need to carve out an area that is earmarked for exercise. Designating a workout zone will give you a greater chance of staying committed to your adapted exercise regimen. Move whatever pieces of furniture that are in the way into your storage unit, so you can free up space to move around in a safe manner. What’s more, maybe you have a few neglected dumbbells or tension cords laying around in your storage unit. Now would be a great time to pull those out and make use of them.

Stocking Up

There’s no need to panic-buy. However, just like with every potential emergency scenario, it is prudent (and recommended) to have a certain amount of surplus provisions should specific scenarios unfold. Stocking up can put a serious strain on your pantry and storage cupboards. To avoid overflow and frankly, to keep from feeling like a doomsday prepper, avail yourself of your sealed first aid kits and unopened non-perishable items by storing them safely and securely in your self-storage unit. The name of the game for the foreseeable future is to minimize the amount of time we spend around others. The less we can be in a crowd, the better. So, the fewer trips we make to the grocery store, the better chance we will have of preventing infection. Having that surplus to draw on, in a location that does not require you to interact with others is a huge advantage.

Leaving the Dormitory

Many post-secondary students who live in dorms on their campus have been asked to return to their family home, if possible. Many students will already have a self-storage unit at their disposal and should draw on it further, prior to leaving their dormitory. Any valuables that you don’t want to leave unprotected in your dorm room, but you also don’t want to take them home, you should place them in your self-storage unit. There, they will be safe and will be easy to access once you eventually return to school. You’re most likely trying to figure out how best to stay on top of your studies while your education is on hold – the last thing you want to be worrying about is the well-being of your things. With self-storage, that’s one worry you can take off your list.


These are uncertain times, but we will get through by being responsible and respecting the guidelines established by public and health officials. Lean on your self-storage unit to help you make your isolation time as comfortable as it can be.

Burlington Storage Barn is happy to work with you through this challenging time. Please contact us to discuss how we can support your storage efforts through this pandemic. Above all, we wish you all to remain safe and healthy.

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